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High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure water cleaners spray powerful jets of water to remove stains, accumulated surface layers, grime and any other foreign matter. It can be employed with just water, or combined with our wide range of specialised biodegradable chemical products for tailored cleaning action in order to better remove mould, gum, graffiti and anything else.

As we’ve serviced the greater Melbourne area over the years, Calcorp has developed state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly high pressure cleaning equipment and products that can be customised for use anywhere.

Homes and domestic areas

Public facilities

Offices and industrial complexes

Heritage buildings

And on any surface.

Painted Terracotta

Glazed surfaces

Outdoor furniture

Brickwork, natural stone and other masonry

Stainless steel, brass, copper and any other metal or alloy


Piping of any sort

Streets, driveways, footpaths, carparks

Concrete and asphalt

Facades and signs

Any other exterior surface

Why Calcorp High Pressure Cleaning is Better

We have Melbourne’s widest variety of advanced power washing equipment. Calcorp has invested heavily in research and development in order to stay in front of industry standards. As a result, we offer benefits that no one else can.

  • Specialised equipment for any circumstance. We bring tailored high pressure cleaning solutions to any task. This means our services are measurably more efficient and effective than what you’ll find elsewhere, particularly when it comes to cleaning gum, moss, porous surfaces, painted areas, oil spills, hard to reach places and more.
  • Minimised chemical use. Our water-only pressure cleaning technology functions well above industry standards. As such, we can clean things with water alone that would ordinarily need several chemical compounds. This is particularly advantageous when dealing with park and garden facilities, historic buildings and areas that see heavy pedestrian traffic. When we have to use chemicals, we use biodegradable and naturally-derived products. Calcorp Services provides some of Australia’s most environmentally friendly pressure cleaning without sacrificing effectiveness.
  • Customised ultra-quiet, self-contained high pressure cleaners. We’ve modified our equipment to be quieter than the standard models employed elsewhere. This lets us work in crowded areas or at commercial venues without disrupting businesses. We also ensure that all applicable tools are fully self-contained and don’t need water supplies. Not only does this let us clean areas that other companies can’t, it also makes for great time and cost savings, which we pass on to you. As such, we’re able to simultaneously offer exceptional service and lower prices.