Graffiti Removal & 




Removing Graffiti with High Pressure Cleaning

The key to effective graffiti removal is getting to it quickly. At Calcorp we understand this, and offer priority response times to all incidents. Not only does this mean the surface can be cleaned more quickly and without substrate damage, but it also greatly reduces the likelihood of future defacement.

We can entirely remove any graffiti from any surface without a trace of shadowing. Our process is built around the combination of specialised equipment and a thorough understanding of the various substrates and building materials used in Melbourne. We offer impeccable graffiti removal from a large range of surfaces.

Specialised Graffiti Removal Equipment

Depending on the nature of the vandalism and the substrate material, we’ll employ different products and techniques. In many cases, our specialty pressure washers can take care of it with water alone. Other situations, such as cleanly removing sprays from porous woods or painted surfaces, require more specialised knowledge of materials and products in order to clean it up without damaging the layer beneath. No matter the situation, we have the experience and the equipment to fully restore any vandalised surface. That’s why the City of Melbourne and countless businesses make us their first point of contact for any and all graffiti removal needs.

In addition to this, we also offer DIY removal kits for safe and easy clean-up of a variety of surfaces. These packages are entirely composed of non-hazardous and fully biodegradable products, meaning you don’t have to think twice before applying them.

Graffiti Prevention

Our DIY graffiti removal kits can take care of a lot of situations, while our specialised graffiti removal services can completely handle 99% of incidents. Even so, the prevention is better than the cure. The easiest way to avoid future attacks is with our variety of long-lasting anti-graffiti preventive coatings. Alternatively, you could try some of these prevention tricks.

  • Planting vegetation in front of walls. A clear, uncovered wall can offer an appealing canvas to offenders. Obscuring it with plants makes for a much less tempting target.
  • Commissioning a mural. Most people won’t deface a wall that’s already covered in art.
  • Security lights and surveillance cameras. The clear presence of either of these will deter most vandals.