What Makes Our Water Pressure Cleaning Service Better?

All our work is customised to fit the situation at hand. Whether we’re applying protective coatings, removing waste or utilising our advanced technology to provide the best water pressure cleaning services in Melbourne, we adapt our work to the local environment in order to maintain exceptional standards. We bring specialised equipment and knowledge to every area.

Our Six Step Process

Across all of this, our core six step procedure remains the same.

  1. Initial Site Assessment: We determine the project requirements and decide on the best equipment for the job: We consider all angles and options before arriving at a solution that perfectly suits your needs.
  2. Determination of Access Arrangement: We assess the area and decide on the least intrusive way to access the required spots in order to minimise disruption.
  1. Calibration of Equipment Noise Levels: Our equipment is adjusted to properly cover all requisite factors, including noise pollution: Unlike other water pressure cleaning services, we avoid disrupting businesses and irritating neighbours.
  2. Implementation of Safety Plan: We’re conscious of public safety in everything we do. Our intensive product knowledge means we know the exact capabilities of all our equipment and cleaning products.
  3. Waste Removal. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, the waste is gathered and remove it from the site. When we say we’ll make something spotless, we mean it.
  4. Reporting. Good communication is one of the things that makes us so dependable. Our reporting encompasses notification of a finished job, the inclusion of helpful maintenance information and situation analysis.

These steps ensure our work is adapted to the local environment and done to the highest standards, across all of our service areas. A lot of companies and individuals are already benefiting from complete and thorough protective coatings, surface washing and water pressure cleaning services. Join them by calling us now on 1800 225 267, or contact us online.


Our CBD Water Watch Crew recently observed efficient water use procedures being practiced at various locations within the Melbourne CBD.

May I congratulate and thank your organisation for your efforts of not only using a practice that minimises water wastage but also provides an example for others on how to effectively and efficiently clean paved areas.

Congratulations and thank you again for your efforts in utilising water efficient practices that help us conserve our precious resource.

Mark Sultana

Customer Relations Manager
City West Water

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