The Importance of Wheelie Bin Cleaning

A crucial but often overlooked service, proper wheelie bin cleaning can make a huge difference. Every home and business uses dumpsters or wheelie bins for garbage disposal needs, and all can benefit from Calcorp’s range of tailored cleaning practices. Different bins handle different kinds of waste, and consequently require different approaches and products for spotless, fully hygienic results. There are a lot of advantages to professional wheelie bin cleaning.

  • Better hygiene. Dirty bins can harbour all kinds of potentially harmful bacteria, as well as fungal mould spores. More often than not, these will spread to other nearby surfaces over time, so it’s always better to take care of them before it becomes a much bigger problem. It’s generally not possible to completely remove them with just a hose and standard disinfectants. In fact, this has even been known to make things worse as a damp environment will just promote further growths. Calcorp’s wheelie bin cleaning services utilise a combination of high pressure hot water, along with a tailored blend of disinfectants that’s guaranteed to completely solve the problem.
  • Odour elimination. You’ve probably noticed that no matter how thoroughly you wash a garbage can, the smell is never completely gone. This is because waste matter works its way into every scratch, corner and crevice. Depending on what the bin’s used for, some types of waste will even start to chemically bond with the plastic. Calcorp can handle it. We’ll thoroughly clean and sterilise every part of the bin, inside and out. Our range of products will not only take care of smells, but offer a level of ongoing future deodorising.
  • Improved appearance. Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to garbage bins they mean more than you think. A number of studies have shown that people are far more likely to utilise garbage cans when they’re spotless. Having properly cleaned waste disposal areas will decrease the amount of litter in the surrounding area, saving you time and money on assorted cleaning costs.

Why Calcorp Wheelie Bin Cleaning is Better

As with any job, we bring our own customised, top-of-the-line equipment and tailored products to bin cleaning. Our high pressure washers can achieve hotter temperatures than the standard equipment used elsewhere, while simultaneously being more water efficient on account of our proprietary water-saving modifications and utilisation of recycled water where available. Naturally, our cleaners are also modified to run much more quietly than most, producing noise levels well below the industry norm. All these benefits are backed up by our detailed wheelie bin cleaning process.

  • Initial site assessment. We conduct a thorough examination in order to determine which equipment and cleaning products will achieve perfect results.
  • Bins are emptied of all remaining waste. In our experience, other companies overlook this step far too often. We take pride in the quality of our service and will do a complete, professional job every time.
  • Containers are thoroughly washed with an automated high pressure hot water cleaning device chosen specifically for the task at hand.
  • The bin is sprayed or rewashed with a carefully selected disinfectant/deodoriser blend, tailored to the bin’s material and type of waste.

Our garbage receptacle cleaning services aren’t limited to wheelie bins. We handle dumpsters, medical waste containers, public trash or recycling cans and anything else. If you’re utilising our specialist commercial cleaning or home exterior cleaning services, have your waste containers taken care of at the same time. For a healthier and more attractive environment, call Calcorp on 1800 225 267, or contact us online.

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