Our CBD Water Watch Crew recently observed efficient water use procedures being practiced at various locations within the Melbourne CBD.

May I congratulate and thank your organisation for your efforts of not only using a practice that minimises water wastage but also provides an example for others on how to effectively and efficiently clean paved areas.

Congratulations and thank you again for your efforts in utilising water efficient practices that help us conserve our precious resource.

Mark Sultana

Customer Relations Manager
City West Water


Calcorp cleans up Commonwealth Games

Calcorp services has played a one of the strategic parts in environmental planning and management of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games aimed at improving the visual appearance and key facilities in the lead up and during the Games. The work began well prior to Commonwealth Games at identifying and surveying the traffic hotspots and areas of the CBD that required to be in tip-top condition.

24 hour daily monitoring of sites

Cleaning of facades, pressure cleaning of pavements, graffiti removal, wall poster bill removal, street furniture cleaning, and management of emergency spills were carried out though the city.

24 hour presence of Calcorp cleaning units were focused on many Melbourne icons with daily cleaning of major traffic areas, graffiti removal and wall poster bill removal. The central areas included all of Melbourne CBD and also including:

  • Federation Square
  • Flinders Street Station
  • South Bank Promenade
  • North Bank Promenade
  • Bourke Street Mall
  • Town hall