Specialist Commercial Cleaning for any Business

There’s no industry that can’t benefit from Calcorp’s specialist commercial cleaning. We have the expertise and the equipment to help any business look and function at its best, whether you’re after an anti-graffiti coating, a thorough pressure washing or even a professional surface restoration job. We have the specialised equipment to handle anything. In addition to this, our reporting system will provide you with extensive feedback and cost-reduction suggestions, while our 24 hour availability will let you get all the benefits without any of the disruption.

  • Sign and façade cleaning. A dirty façade or grimy shop sign doesn’t attract customers. We can help.
  • Wheelie bin and dumpster cleaning and disinfecting. Unsanitary garbage disposal equipment can carry a pervasive stench through an entire building. Calcorp can improve the comfort of employees and customers alike.
  • Biomaterial and hazard removal. Vital for bars and nightclubs, but important to any business, our pressure washing can completely remove any trace of urine, faecal matter or other hazardous material from any surface.
  • Benches, countertops, drinking fountains, handrails and similar. Any surface that’s touched by hundreds of people a day is going to be filthy. Our specialist commercial cleaning services include complete disinfecting, stain cleaning and gum removal. It’s also worth considering one of our tailored antibacterial protective coatings for such a surface.
  • Mouldy, mossy, dirty or grimy? We can take care of it before it starts driving customers away or poses a health risk.
  • Rust, tarnishing, corrosion or decay. Good maintenance is good business. It’s important to clean the area thoroughly before repainting any surface, while our protective coatings can prevent the need for repainting in the first place.

Our specialist commercial cleaning services are by no means limited to these. We’ll clean, protect and restore any exterior surface and many interior ones. The improved durability and extended lifespan offered by Calcorp products pays for itself in the long run with savings on repair and maintenance work, while the aesthetic benefits of power washing pay for themselves in the short term by attracting more customers.

Can Your Business Benefit From Specialist Commercial Cleaning?

In short – yes. Whatever your business, our specialist commercial cleaning services can help you get more out of it with reduced costs and increased profits. It really is as simple as that. For more information on our specialist commercial cleaning solutions, protective coatings and 24 hour availability, call 1800 225 267 or contact us online.

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