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  • Dedicated to Melbourne

    We take pride in Melbourne’s status as one of the world’s most liveable cities, and have been doing our part to keep it that way since 1997. Since then, our reputation has been built around consistently offering timely services and exceptional results. We help out in a lot of ways.
  • What Makes Our Water Pressure Cleaning Service Better?

    All our work is customised to fit the situation at hand. Whether we’re applying protective coatings, removing waste or utilising our advanced technology to provide the best water pressure cleaning services in Melbourne, we adapt our work to the local environment in order to maintain exceptional standards. We bring specialised
  • Quality Controlled Power Washing Services

    We have an expert team dedicated to managing the quality of our services. They conduct regular scientific analyses of our equipment, power washing services and activity impact. We bring this level of attention to all our key service areas, ensuring that our cleaning solutions are not only among Australia’s best,
  • Complete Cleaning Solutions from Melbourne’s Top Pressure Washing Company

    Calcorp Services will clean any exterior surface, returning it to like-new condition. Everything we do is underpinned by rigorous quality control systems, state-of-the-art technology and extensive industry experience and knowledge. We bring this specialised approach to everything we do, from gum removal to anti-graffiti coatings. These thorough practices make us
  • Removing Graffiti from Melbourne with High Pressure Cleaning

    The key to effective graffiti removal is getting to it quickly. At Calcorp we understand this, and offer priority response times to all incidents. Not only does this mean the surface can be cleaned more quickly and without substrate damage, but it also greatly reduces the likelihood of future defacement.
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings for Complete Protection

    Every year, Australian governments, businesses and homeowners spend millions of dollars on chemical compounds, pressure cleaning services and expert graffiti removal consultation. Unfortunately, none of these actually solve the problem at hand. No matter how thoroughly or frequently you remove graffiti, there’s no guarantee you won’t wake up the next
  • High Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne

    High pressure water cleaners spray powerful jets of water to remove stains, accumulated surface layers, grime and any other foreign matter. It can be employed with just water, or combined with our wide range of specialised biodegradable chemical products for tailored cleaning action in order to better remove mould, gum,
  • Government Works: Cleaning Concrete, Metal, Masonry and Wood

    Calcorp’s exclusive range of equipment and products, coupled with our enormous service area, staff numbers and 24/7 emergency availability has made us Melbourne’s primary government cleaning provider. We’re responsible for managing many of the assets that make Melbourne one of the world’s most liveable cities, maintaining the appearance, hygiene and
  • The Importance of Wheelie Bin Cleaning

    A crucial but often overlooked service, proper wheelie bin cleaning can make a huge difference. Every home and business uses dumpsters or wheelie bins for garbage disposal needs, and all can benefit from Calcorp’s range of tailored cleaning practices. Different bins handle different kinds of waste, and consequently require different
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  • Specialist Commercial Cleaning for any Business

    There’s no industry that can’t benefit from Calcorp’s specialist commercial cleaning. We have the expertise and the equipment to help any business look and function at its best, whether you’re after an anti-graffiti coating, a thorough pressure washing or even a professional surface restoration job. We have the specialised equipment
  • When to Use Protective Coatings and Building Restoration Services

    Building restoration is the process of renewing and refurbishing the interior and exterior surfaces of a building, including walls, signs, facades, walkways and just about anything that gets damaged over time. Different building materials have varying levels of susceptibility to dirt and damage, and some in particular require restoration more
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