Exterior House Cleaning to Maximise Your Property Value

High pressure cleaning can make your house look its best. Calcorp Services can bring the best power washing techniques and the most advanced equipment to your home in order to make it look brand new once again. From oil spills to chewing gum to the most stubborn types of graffiti, we can handle it. Meanwhile, our protective coatings, available both as a service and in convenient DIY forms, ensure that it’ll stay that way for a long time to come. Unlike other service providers, we have the means to take care of any and all exterior areas to ensure a complete, uniformly excellent appearance.

  • Walls, fences, handrails and windows
  • Walkways, garden paths, sidewalks
  • Driveways, carports, garages
  • Barbecues, entertainment areas, swimming pools
  • Retaining walls, sheds, outdoor furniture, garden areas

The Benefits of a Clean House Exterior

The most obvious advantage, of course, is that it looks good. This is proven to have an enormous impact on property values, with people willing to pay significantly more for the same home when its exterior is properly cleaned. However, there are also distinct health and safety benefits to proper external hygiene. Our pressure cleaning solutions will remove any unwanted moss, mould, algae and other vegetation. These can harbour bacterial growths and allergens, and could be responsible for a number of health issues. In addition to this, pressure washing removes slipping hazards, while one of our tailored hydrophobic coatings can ensure that your outside tiles retain their grip in wet weather. It’s no surprise that a number of experts recommend these steps for any residency that’s home to elderly or mobility impaired people.

Pressure washing exterior areas will also extend their lifespan, potentially saving you a great deal of money over time and preserving your home for reselling. When followed up with a protective coating, your home can have unparalleled protection against graffiti, oil and chemical spills, grime and other foreign objects and all forms of weather from ultraviolet radiation to heavy rain. Our house exterior cleaning offers complete protection for complete peace of mind.

When to Call Calcorp

If you can relate to any of the following, contact us today.

  • Selling your home? Maximise property values with a professional cleaning job. It’ll more than pay for itself.
  • Leasing property? Attract the best tenants by showing off your property at its finest.
  • Hosting an event? Make your home look good as new before the big occasion.
  • Do you suffer from sudden allergies at home? There’s a chance you’re having allergic reactions to the grime or unwanted vegetation around your home. It’s worth having the area thoroughly cleaned before seeking out expensive specialist treatment.
  • Ever slip and fall in your driveway? We can ensure your surfaces retain their grip in any weather. This is absolutely vital in the case of marble or glazed tile steps. Have us take care of it before someone gets seriously injured.
  • New house? Let us apply protective coatings before you wear it in. Keep your new home in good as new condition for far longer. It’s your biggest investment, and it’s worth protecting.
  • Graffitied? Don’t let it stay. We can clean it up without a trace and supply anti-graffiti coatings to make future attacks wash right off with just a hose.

If any of these fit you, contact us online, or call 1800 225 267.

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