Dedicated to Melbourne

We take pride in Melbourne’s status as one of the world’s most liveable cities, and have been doing our part to keep it that way since 1997. Since then, our reputation has been built around consistently offering timely services and exceptional results. We help out in a lot of ways.

  • Cleaning up graffiti
  • Removing gum from walls and sidewalks
  • Providing emergency spill clean-ups
  • Restoring building surfaces
  • Maintaining hygiene services for public facilities

Custom-built Innovation

Thanks to persistent research and development, Calcorp Services stays on the technological frontline of cleaning solutions, designing high pressure water cleaners and protective coatings that set new benchmarks across the board. The benefits of our equipment include:

Melbourne’s Biggest Name in Cleaning

Our outstanding services and products have caught eyes around the city, and we’re now the go-to cleaning service for a number of major clients.

  • Unparalleled environmental advantages in the form of sharply reduced water consumption, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Community friendly features. Our power washing gear is made to run more quietly than those of other providers, minimising noise pollution. We also use chemical-free processes where possible, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.
  • The City of Melbourne. In partnership with Spotless Services and City Wide Service solutions, we keep Melbourne’s sidewalks, streets, public structures and government buildings at their best. No job is too big; we were present 24 hours a day during the Commonwealth Games, maintaining exceptional hygiene and cleanliness standards for over 60,000 spectators a day.
  • Federation Square. Our efficient water washing and protective coatings make sure this landmark stays clean.
  • Parks Victoria. We’re responsible for maintaining the beauty and high standards of cleanliness for many of Victoria’s natural wonders.
  • Crown Casino. With a lot of different surfaces and high levels of foot traffic, Crown Casino has benefited greatly from our attention, and now relies on our variety of customised solutions and experience with any material.

For all exterior cleaning needs, whether residential, commercial, industrial or government, we’re Melbourne’s number one choice. Contact us today for details on how we can provide exceptional service to your property or public space.


Our CBD Water Watch Crew recently observed efficient water use procedures being practiced at various locations within the Melbourne CBD.

May I congratulate and thank your organisation for your efforts of not only using a practice that minimises water wastage but also provides an example for others on how to effectively and efficiently clean paved areas.

Congratulations and thank you again for your efforts in utilising water efficient practices that help us conserve our precious resource.

Mark Sultana

Customer Relations Manager
City West Water

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